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AllStarLink (linked via IP) – normally clustered together on a  Manitoba Hub but individual machines can be disconnected from this and used to connect to remote nodes anywhere in the world (e.g. if you want to talk to your buddy in Walla Walla, Washington) and then returned to the Manitoba Hub when done

Coverage generated with Radio Mobile Online
LocationMachineFreqTone NodeComments
Winnipeg- RichardsonVE4WPG147.390+127.3/127.3503612
Winnipeg-601 OsborneVE4WRS145.450-127.3/127.349613
Winnipeg- 529 Country ClubVE4TMP147.090+127.3/127.345596
HadashvilleVE4EMB147.360+127.3/127.3503611Waiting for IP Connection
BruxellesVE4HS146.68-127.3503613Brandon ARC

UHF RF Linked – consists of a backbone running east from Portage through Starbuck then Milner Ridge to Falcon Lake.  These four sites are permanently linked together. 

There is also a link south from Starbuck to Morris that can be turned on when needed. 

From Falcon Lake there is a link to Kenora that can be turned on which connects the MRS System to the Pinetree System in NW Ontario when needed.

The Winnipeg (Richardson Building) site consists of a VHF and UHF machine tied together.  This site can also be connected to the backbone when needed.    This site also ties to the AllStarLink system connecting the two subsystems together.

The above is the conceptual and what actually is functioning should be checked on the Status Page.

Coverage generated with Radio Mobile Online
WinnipegVE4WPG147.390+127.3/127.345Normally Off
WinnipegVE4VJ443.500+127.3/127.345Normally Off
Milner RidgeVE4MIL145.210-127.3/127.342Yes
Falcon LakeVE4FAL146.640-127.3/127.340Yes
Portage la PrairieVE4PLP147.165+127.3/127.349Yes
MorrisVE4CDN145.270-127.3/127.3Normally Off

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