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20171016 – VE4MIL Signal Improvements

The Technical Committee was out at the VE4MIL site in the middle of October and assisted a hired tower crew, who replaced the VHF antenna (2 bay), connectors and transmission line with a rebuilt and tested 4 bay antenna, sealed connectors and new transmission cable.  Initial reports are a drastically improved signal in the old coverage area.

The Technical Committee would like to hear from anyone who can provide information on the improved signal – in particular any extended range that may now exist.  Send reports to

Welcome …

… to your new MRS website.  We have been working hard at establishing a new website to serve relevant up-to-date information for members and non-members alike.  We believe that we have moved everything over from the old site to this one and that all links are working.  If there is a link not working please let us know by clicking here


This site resides on the VA4WAN system using the 44dot network assigned to Amateur radio.